Prepare for firework season 2018

Firework Season will be shortly upon us, and for some of our pets this can be a very stressful time.  As owners we can reduce this stress by putting a few changes in place before the fireworks begin.

If possible walk dogs before dark, keep cats in doors with a litter tray. Make a den for your cat or dog somewhere safe and contained which is covered and comfortable. A spray of pheromone or plug in like Adaptil diffuser in the area of the den.  We can recommend other natural supplements that help calm and reduce stress to start a few days before, Like Yucalm or Zyklene.  Keep rabbits/guinea pigs partly covered well to keep out the as much noise and light as possible. Extra bedding to burrow into. Please also read our previous blog last year for other tips.

Try to keep calm around your pet and shut out the noise and light by keeping the radio on or tv.  A reminder to check Id chips and name tags in case any pet goes missing if scared off or hiding.

All of us at Emscote are happy to advise and discuss any worries you have regarding your pet around this time.  Please contact the surgery to book an appointment to discuss help for your pet if you’re worried.


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