Winter Months ahead

How to keep your animals happy during the Winter months

Tips for dogs!

Keep safe when walking your dog, it gets dark very early in winter, wear reflective clothing and think about a reflective collar for your dog. You can buy a special coat or jumper to keep them warm, and visible.

Keep your dogs away from ponds and lakes that are iced over. Thin ice may break under a dog’s weight. And, if it’s snowing outside, watch out for your dogs’ paws becoming impacted with snow, which can cause discomfort. Always clean paws after a walk, because antifreeze and rock salt can cause sever digestive upset and are poisonous if ingested.


Tips for Cats!

Cat’s love to be kept warm so always keep bedding away from cold draughts. A lot of flowers and plants this time of year are poisonous to our feline friends so always check before purchasing.

With freezing temperatures antifreeze poisoning is a real danger, please don’t allow cats to drink from puddles, and check the signs for antifreeze poisoning online, and if you suspect poisoning ring and bring your cat in asap! If you’re friendly with your neighbours mention if they have antifreeze to be vigilant when using, and any spillages can be attractive to cats so to please clean up any spillages quickly.

Rock salts can cause discomfort on paws so wash them regularly.

Small furries! 

Outdoor pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, need extra bedding, such as dust-free hay, and extra blankets during the cold winter months, covered heat pads such as snuggle-safes can be placed to keep them warm. Make sure their home is protected from adverse weather by using blankets or covers which can be purchased to help insulate hutches in the winter months, just ensure there is adequate ventilation. Ensure their home is placed in a sheltered position, facing away from the wind and rain.

If the temperature drops well below freezing you may want to consider moving their enclosure into an outhouse shed or unused garage. If you decide to bring your rabbits or guinea pigs indoors they’ll need plenty of time and room to exercise safely.

Many of our pets suffer from stiffer joints through the winter and if any arthritic changes these may worsen so a consultation with one of our vets if you feel your pet is struggling is well worth while. Please contact the surgery to book an appointment.

Thank you to lovely “Princess” our little model on the feature image.



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