Seasonal Advice over Easter

Easter is a very fun time of year for all of us, as it means Spring is definitely here! For our furry companions it can carry some hazards. Here are a few tips to keep your companions safe during the festivities.

Tips for Animal owners

  • Chocolate – it may be a delicious treat for us humans but chocolate is very hazardous for dogs and cats! Especially dark & milk chocolate, these contain high levels of theobromine; it does not metobalise quickly, therefore builds up to toxic levels in their system.
  • Flower bulbs – many of them are toxic please research them, and keep them out of reach as curiosity can kill! (daffodils are a favourite to dig up!) All parts of the Lily plant is especially toxic for cats!
  • Hot cross buns & other raisin filled treats – Raisins are highly toxic for dogs, keep them away!


During this time of year many of us start a Spring clean, it is important to remember to keep all cleaning chemicals, and gardening fertilisers away from curious cats and dogs. If spreading fertilisers on your grass and plants just remember to water in well and keep your animals off it for 24 hours. Keep pets away from freshly painted fences, as this can cause irritation.


As the weather begins to get warmer, there is an increase in the amount of fleas, ticks, mite and worms that are around so it is important to ensure your treating your animals regularly. If your dog or cat is due their annual booster consider joining our Pet Health Club, not only does it help to spread the cost of your products, it will save you some money. Please contact the surgery for more information or click the link on our website to read about it:


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