Royal Canin – Genetic Health Analysis

At Emscote Vets we know that every dog is an individual and knowing your dogs inherited characteristics can help you (and us) to plan for the best possible care.

A simple and painless genetic test will bring you a lot of information that can help your vet provide safer and personalised care now and in the future. It can also help answer questions on parentage- many of us are interested to know what breeds are in our crosses.


As you may know, your dog may face complications during surgery despite every precaution being taken. Fortunately, scientific advances enable us to predict many of these risks beforehand by performing a genetic test.

What can we test for to reduce the risk for complications?

Different types of inherited bleeding disorders have been encountered in dogs,

some of which are quite common. Most of these cause spontaneously only mild bleeding, such as nosebleeds or bleeding of the gums. However, many bleeding disorders can cause excessive, even life-threatening bleeding after surgery. Many inherited bleeding disorders can be identified with genetic testing, and with that information, surgical interventions and dental procedures can be planned to be as safe as possible.



Thanks to ROYAL CANIN® Genetic Health AnalysisTM, you and your veterinarian can create together a customised health and wellness plan based on your dog’s genetic information that guides you towards more predictive care for your pet.

To ensure safe medical treatment, it is important to know whether your dog is

sensitive to certain drugs. When a dog with a genetic risk for adverse reactions

is exposed to certain medications, the medications may accumulate in the body and result in intoxication.

What can we test for to reduce the risk for adverse reactions?

Multi-drug resistance 1 (MDR1) is a genetic mutation that alters a dog’s ability to limit the absorption and distribution of many drugs. Affected dogs are slower to eliminate drugs from the body and can suffer side effects when exposed to certain medications. Screening for genetic factors affecting a dog’s drug response enables the veterinarian to plan for the safest medical treatment and the right dosage.

Benefits of the ROYAL CANIN® Genetic Health AnalysisTM, include:

  • Enabling your vet to select the safest anaesthetic agent & dosage before a procedure such as neutering, dental scaling or surgery
  • Ensuring the most suitable medication is prescribed to avoid adverse reactions
  • Determining your dog’s risk of developing over 100 genetically associated diseases and enable your vet to develop a personalised monitoring program
  • Verifying the ancestry of mixed breed dog which may give a better understanding of certain behaviours and characteristics.

The test involves a consultation with a nurse, a quick swab will be taken from your dog’s mouth and sent off to the laboratory.

Grab the opportunity to learn more about your dog’s genetics with the limited special offer available throughout January.  To book a test or find out more please contact the practice on 01926 496422.


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