High Blood Pressure in Cats

High blood pressure or ‘Hypertension’ is becoming an increasingly recognised problem for older cats.

Hypertension is often called a silent killer as left undetected it can cause:

  • Sudden blindness or bleeding into the eye
  • Neurological signs including seizures or wobbly movement
  • Breathlessness leading to heart problems
  • Kidney damage resulting in kidney failure

It can be ‘primary’: no underlying disease cause, or most often ‘secondary’: a complication of a medical condition.

Conditions such as chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and sometimes diabetes can all predispose a cat to hypertension.

With early symptoms being difficult to detect we highly recommend routine blood pressure monitoring for older cats:

Please call the surgery 01926496422 or pop in to book a 30 minute blood pressure assessment with one of our nurses.

If high readings are recorded a consultation with the vet will be organised to discuss possible treatments and to plan blood tests if appropriate to manage the high blood pressure.

The photo shows the lovely Star with Nikki having her blood pressure taken in her basket so limits any stress, and a photo of a non-invasive Doppler machine (similarly to humans) to measure blood pressure which is so nice for cats and causes minimum distress.





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