Happy Christmas 2018,


Barney and Frank in their super Christmas jumpers dropped in to wish us all a Merry Christmas.

We would like to wish all our clients a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and here are a few tips to try and keep your pets safe through the wonderful time of Christmas.

It’s that time of year again where we love to indulge in the nicer foods of life. From those lovely chocolates to the rich mince pies. However we do need to remember that such foods are extremely toxic to our pets. We have seen an increase this year in dogs which have eaten mince pies. They can cause kidney failure so the treatment required is to induce vomiting and intravenous fluids. This is  distressing for our pets as well as very costly.  Please ensure that all foods and plants which are harmful are kept out of reach from our furry friends.

Here is a list of items to avoid:

  • Mince pies
  • Christmas cake
  • Chocolate
  • Christmas Dinner (including the gravy!)
  • Alcohol
  • Nuts
  • Poinsettia, Mistletoe and Holly
  • Pot Pourri
  • Christmas Decorations (lights, baubles and tinsel)
  • Bones/Carcasses
  • Cough sweets (contain a toxic ingredient)

If your rabbits and guinea pigs are outside then please insure that they have enough bedding which is dry and their hutches are covered up well in the evenings. Temperatures drop to low levels so giving them a heat pad which is designed for animal use will benefit them. Remember to check that their water bottles or bowls to not freeze over too

Elderly cats should also be kept in at night. Sighthound dogs should have a coat on when they go outside if it is very cold.

Antifreeze has a sweet taste to it, which cats like. Unfortunately it is fatal to them if they drink it. Please store it out of reach and be careful not to spill any. It also might be worth mentioning to your neighbours so they don’t allow any spillages to sit around that your cat might find!

When the temperature is freezing, the roads and paths are usually sprinkled with grit. This is irritating to our pet’s paws, so make sure to wash their feet after a walk.

Fireworks are still let off around Christmas time, right through to the New Year. Please read our previous blog for advice on keeping your pets safe and calm during fireworks.

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year from all of us at Emscote Vets

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Christmas Eve 8.30 am -4 pm

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