Cats need microchipping too

Microchipping  your cat.

Figaro, belonging to Nikki our nurse, was neutered recently and had his microchip implanted at the same time, here he is recovering from his anaesthetic.


Compulsory dog microchipping has helped the argument for cats to be chipped. Owners of cats do generally have an attitude of believing cats are free to roam as they are seen as free spirits. This does however sometimes result in an impossible task for vets and charities to try and re-unite the roaming cat with the owner or if an injured cat has been brought into the vets to be treated, without a chip it is almost impossible to trace an owner.

A simple, relatively painless experience of microchipping should it be needed is a lifelong security of ensuring your cat can be traced back to you should anything happen. Often recommended during neutering procedure at a reduced cost is the best way.

Since dog microchipping has made compulsory there has been a drastic drop in stray dogs on the street and the amount facing euthanasia has dropped 90% in the first two years (Manning, VNtimes, 2018)

Please consider microchipping your cat like little Figaro, now up and playful as ever post anaesthetic 🙂


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