Euthanasia is a big decision and one which we all as individuals at Emscote Vets have experienced with our own pets at some point.
We appreciate it is often hard to talk about so we wanted to give some more information on the procedure, and the choices afterwards. There are websites that offer help and advice on bereavement: one  is Petsavers  , this gives advice on bereavement; another is Vets Now discussing euthanasia.
Euthanasia is usually done by means of an overdose of an anaesthetic. It is given directly into a vein so it goes straight into the blood stream, which means the effect is immediate and peaceful. Sometimes if the animal becomes distressed it may be of benefit to sedate them, which involves an injection into the muscle, this calms them and makes them feel sleepy. Some veins may be difficult to find or collapse easily especially in sick or old animals just like old people, and so either placing a catheter or sedation may be more suitable if this is the case.
There is then the decision on whether you want your pet to be buried or cremated. For cremation we use a company called PCS, who have a peaceful crematorium , and have built up an excellent reputation over the last 40 years for providing pets with the very best farewell whilst giving owners total peace of mind. They are committed to ensuring that all pets and their owners are treated with dignity, care and professionalism. If you want to take your pet there yourself that can be arranged as well.
The option of having your pet individually cremated is available and having the ashes returned, either in a casket or urn, or for scattering.  We have a catalogue at the surgery of the different options available. Please feel free to talk to a member of staff about it in more detail.
Although euthanasia is a difficult decision, it is a kindness that we are able to give to stop any further suffering. Our view is that we are grateful that we can do this for our loved pets, unlike in people.
We also have a gallery here, Never Forgotten and if you would like your pet remembered here please email us your photo.
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