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Pet Health Plan

Save money on your pet's preventative health care

Our Pet Health Club is our way of helping our clients to spread the cost of preventive health care for their pet over the whole year. It allows clients to pay a monthly direct debit fee to pay for their pets annual booster, 12 months flea and worming treatment for their cat or dog or a 28 day course of Fenbendazole for their rabbit. Because it is a preventive health scheme we also want to encourage regular check ups so we have included a 6 month nurse check within the scheme.

To reward our Pet Health Club members we give members a discount on certain products or procedures, a full list is shown below.

If you are interested in joining the Pet Health Club please phone or ask our receptionist the next time you are calling in for an application form. The cost of monthly direct debits will depend on the species or size of the dog. Our receptionist will be more than happy to discuss all the plan details with you when you call in.

  • Annual vaccination and health check for cats, dogs and rabbits

  • 12 months flea and worming treatments for cats and dogs

  • 6 monthly check up with qualified nurse

  • 10% discount on neutering

  • 15% discount on dentistry

  • 10% discount off long term chronic medications (after 1 month of treatment)

  • 10% of additional parasite control products

You can sign up at your pet’s booster and you will pay on the day for that vaccination and the first debit payment, and the rest will be set to come out of your bank account by direct debit, then you will be getting a discount on your year of flea and worm treatment. At the 6 month health check with the nurse you will receive your next batch of flea and worm treatment for cats and dogs and when you bring your pet in next year for their booster there will be no charge on the day as you will have spread the cost throughout the monthly payments, unless you choose kennel cough as an extra.

As a special offer exclusively for our Pet Health Club clients we are currently able to offer monthly Milbemax worming for high risk animals AT NO EXTRA COST. This makes the Health Club exceptionally good value for those with toddlers or young pets. Talk to our vets and nurses about your pets individual needs.

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