Please ring us if you have an emergency with your pet so we can give you appropriate first aid advice and prepare for your visit.
List of examples of emergency conditions, not exhaustive
-Distended abdomen in large breed dogs , this can indicate a serious condition called bloat
-Male animals straining to urinate
-Poisoning, please bring us as much information as possible to help us give the most appropriate treatment.
-Difficulties giving birth
-Difficulty breathing
-Profuse bleeding
-Collapsed or unconscious animals
-Road traffic accidents
-Eye injuries
If in any doubt please phone us for advice
Out of Hours Service
 For animals in our wards we will arrange in house hospitalisation.
Out of surgery hours for emergencies please contact our out of hours service Avonvale on 01926 290206
 6 Broxell Close, Warwick CV34 5QF